The same for less: a club chair

The same for less: a club chair

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The club chair is over 90 years old, but hasn't aged a bit! Very appreciated in male interiors, in industrial atmospheres and even in exotic decorations, it seduces thanks to two major assets: its comfort and its noble material, leather! This explains its price, which is not always affordable ... Fortunately for you, the editorial team has thought of your wallet, and presents two models that look similar, offered at different prices. For the record, it is in France that the club chair was born. Jacques Emile Rhullmann, decorator, created several leather armchairs in the 1920s with the quality of being extremely pleasant and soft. This is why it was first born under the name of "comfortable armchair" before taking its current name in the 1940s in a nod to private English clubs. Revisited many times since its creation, the fact remains that its preferred look is that of origin: in brown leather and with pretty refined curves. Always as comfortable, renowned for its longevity, the club armchair asserts itself without any difficulty in our contemporary interiors. We love it especially when it mixes with wood and raw metal in an industrial salon. But he also likes it in a room where the masculine spirit reigns. Finally, the last decorative idea with the brown club armchair: adopt it in a living room with an exotic look. The only condition: combine it with pieces in sober colors such as beige, dark wood or even black.

The vintage brown Oxford club armchair at Maisons du Monde at € 599.90 / The camel leather club armchair at La Redoute at € 429.40


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