I tested for you: Lidl's Parkside multifunction tool

I tested for you: Lidl's Parkside multifunction tool

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Could we have dreamed one day of a 4 in 1 tool that sands, saws, cuts and scrapes? It is now done! The challenge was taken up by the German group Lidl, which today offers a multifunction device called Parkside. Ideal for amateur or experienced DIY enthusiasts, this clever briefcase contains all the essential equipment for small daily jobs. Whether it's making precise cuts, sanding a piece of furniture, removing paint residue, scraping tile adhesive, or even cutting a PVC tube, you no longer need to use multiple tools , often bulky. To complete its offer, Lidl has also imagined accessory packs to be fixed on the Parkside as well as refills adapted to the most common needs of users. At a time when "handmade" and small self-made works are more than ever on the rise, it was time for the editorial staff to test this practical and well thought out tool!


Lidl's multifunctional parkside consists of a power tool on which attach accessories. These are positioned in a jiffy thanks to an allen key provided in the case: just loosen the nut already present, place the accessory chosen according to the work to be done, replace the screw and tighten the nut above of the accessory. The Parkside plugs into a standard electrical outlet, so there is no battery charging system. Once plugged in, press the red "on" button to turn it on.

DIY in a jiffy

The Parkside accessories are numerous and easy to handle. The case contains the following products: - A triangular head on which abrasive papers of different grains are scratched. Its small size and three angles facilitate precise sanding of narrow surfaces and hard to reach places. It is ideal for reviving a tired piece of furniture, sanding the corners of a parquet floor, or freshening up any wooden surface. - A segment blade for sawing near edges or in inaccessible areas. It allows precise cutting cuts, perfectly suited to the machining of parquet boards, for example. - A spatula to remove residues of mortar, concrete or tile adhesive, but also excess paint or silicone. It quickly becomes essential as soon as one wishes to refresh its decoration, replace a damaged tile or restore a piece of furniture! - Two diving saw blades of different sizes, allowing the cutting of aluminum or copper sheets and pipes. The larger of the two blades is also used to cut wood, plastics, plaster and other soft materials.

After testing it for various small jobs at home, I found that the Parkside was a very good compromise for the occasional handyman that I am: it allows me to have everything on hand without the need to borrow tools to my entourage. Thanks to this new multifunctional tool, there is now no need to invest in a multitude of devices which are not necessarily useful on a daily basis: the Parkside covers a good number of very useful tasks for everyday DIY. As for the price, it is more than attractive (39,99€) !

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