To clean up your indoor air, equip yourself with the Delphin water vacuum cleaner

To clean up your indoor air, equip yourself with the Delphin water vacuum cleaner

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Delphin, the bagless water vacuum cleaner, paves the way for vacuum cleaners to clean indoor air. The German brand, marketed in France, now offers " a hygiene concept "with the creation of a water vacuum cleaner guarantees ten years against indoor pollution and mites. The idea is simple. It involves combining two devices: the vacuum cleaner and the air purifier thanks to the intervention some water.

Purified air with water

Indoor air is polluted 50 times more on average than outdoor air. Forget the scented candles, the Delphin vacuum cleaner will pass the air from your interior into the water, capturing dust and all particles in suspension. It will also offer you the possibility of removing unpleasant odors from everyday life (tobacco, cooking) through the diffusion of organic essential oils.
Thanks to patented technology, the air is simply filtered by water. No filter, no dust bin to empty, no additional products, the Delphin works without any bags and works at full speed!

Simple and efficient use

The Delphin vacuum cleaner consists of a container of water. The air is sucked in, passes through this large bowl of water and comes out clean. It can also be placed in free operation in the middle of each room. If you decide to use this method, you will not need the hose. Thus launched, the dust on your furniture goes to the water tank and cleans the air in the blink of an eye! Small clarification regarding water once you have finished using it: empty the container and renew it with each pass! Delphin S8 was voted best product of 2014. Price: 2000 €
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