Bandjo: tangy porcelain for children

Bandjo: tangy porcelain for children

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On the tableware side, it is not always easy to find original accessories for children. Fortunately, the young French brand Bandjo was able to hit the nail on the head! The idea? A range made of porcelain, fun and colorful, for the little ones ... Presentation.

A "kawaï" tableware with retro patterns!

The Bandjo brand has chosen pastel shades for its entire range, which will appeal to young and old. With a white base, old rose, water green and pale yellow combine perfectly to form animals or poetic elements. Birds, elephants, snakes, stars, or even plates and pots with cat ears… A clever mixture of seventies patterns and Japanese shapes, which is hard to resist!

Simple and functional plates, bowls and cups

At Bandjo, no fanfreluches nor superfluous! The brand has chosen to go to the basics by creating a range of simple dishes consisting of plates, cups, bowls with ears or even ramekins, essential for a child's meals. However, everything is made of porcelain, which differs from the eternal melamine tableware sets, more classic and less pretty, which are generally offered to the youngest. Easily washable (even in the dishwasher!), Compatible with the microwave and at a low price, it is an ideal set for everyday meals as well as for birthday snacks for your little ones.

Porcelain for the little ones, help?

Timeless, timeless and authentic, porcelain reminds us of our childhood memories. But at Bandjo it is modernizing! It is no longer reserved for the full service of our grandmothers, but sets out to conquer children! This material being the finest and most solid of ceramics, it is scratched less quickly than the plastic sets generally dedicated to the children. In addition, it will bring something new to the daily lives of the little ones, who are not used to eating with this kind of utensils! Non-porous and very resistant, it is solid while remaining fairly light. So, you dare?
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