How to have an office as cool as in Helsinki?

How to have an office as cool as in Helsinki?

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This office, located in an apartment in Helsinki, displays the purest Scandinavian style. To do the same at home, we explain how to do it.

A relaxed atmosphere

To work well, there is no need to clutter up with disturbing visual elements. We start by creating a calm atmosphere, conducive to concentration. The bed is hidden thanks to a neutral bedspread and on the walls, there is only one shelf which blends completely into the room. The rare notes of color are given with the bulb suspension and the animal trinkets. On the ground, a chevron carpet delimits the office space as if to say that from there we work. The poster is placed on the ground and not hung, so its location is not final and the walls remain blank.

A clean office, but not without warmth

So that the office keeps a stripped and clear aspect, one does not overload it. For the design side, we opt for an Apple computer and some white binders. To avoid the impersonal aspect, we add a few decorative touches like graphic cards hung on the masking tape and a tinted glass vase.