Before / After: give a chic and mineral style to the exterior of a traditional Breton house

Before / After: give a chic and mineral style to the exterior of a traditional Breton house

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Renovating the floors outside a house is not always easy: you must first study the type of soil, the humidity level of the region or the type of materials, which age much more quickly in the face of bad weather. The aesthetic is also to be taken into account, and must remain in harmony with the style of the house to form a coherent whole. Despite these constraints, the owners of this residence located in Liffre in Brittany have launched the challenge of creating a chic and trendy outdoor driveway. The latter wanted to give a facelift to the entrance of their house by creating a contemporary reception space, combining plant and mineral. Successful bet ! Area : 556m2 Budget : 4000€

Layout of borders

Before : The outdoor space leading to Liffre's house was never really decorated, except for an attempt at a mineral mass in the middle of the aisle. Loosely drawn by a path covered with coarse anthracite pebbles, there was no real delimitation between the lawn and the flooring. The works therefore started with a separation between stones and vegetation, using a Techniseal aluminum border. This work was carried out by the occupants of the house themselves over a period of only two days: in total, 556m2 were completely redesigned! After : In addition to providing a visual delimitation, the borders protect the beds from the untimely invasion of gravel.

Delimitation of spaces

Before : The floor covering is sad and banal, and the central island is not valued. First step: isolate it from all gravel, just like the lawn which adjoins the entrance. A large black tarpaulin is precut and positioned around the island so that the gravel does not sink into the ground over time. After : New aluminum borders are installed to form a half-moon rectangle: these shape a clean and elegant junction between minerals and plants. The aisle is starting to take shape! Inspired by the Zen spirit of Asian gardens, the owners decided to play with shapes and colors. The central island takes on a Japanese look, with minerals of different sizes and colors, very stable behind each border.

A modern and welcoming entrance

Before : The old driveway quickly tended to soak up water, transforming the exterior of the house into a swamp. After : The new exterior creation consists of a central island welcoming white pebbles, a palm tree and some shrubs, as well as a path of shale slabs surrounded by lawn. This round path guides the visitor to the front door of the house while preserving their shoes from humidity and mud. To ensure a harmonious finish to these works while delimiting lines and curves, discreet borders separate stones of different types. Different colors and sizes, the latter form a Japanese-inspired set, like Asian Zen gardens. : the curves are refined, the result trendy and contemporary. //