Tutorial: a unique spice rack with leather belts

Tutorial: a unique spice rack with leather belts

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If like us you are fond of diverted objects, the tutorial which follows will give you many ideas. Who would have thought that leather belts would go so well with wood? Today we are going to learn how to transform small, inexpensive furniture into a unique piece.


- two wooden spice racks (€ 3.5 at Ikea) - two leather belts - screws to fix the set on a wall - a drill Budget: around € 30 Duration: 30 minutes


1. Start by building the two spice racks following the instructions in the manual. Depending on the desired finish, you can optionally apply a coat of wood oil.
2. Connect the two shelves with the two belts. Place the two belt loops in the middle.
3. Prepare the wall and drill holes to insert the dowels to fix your new shelf.


Your spice rack and now finished! Leather goes particularly well with wood, this tutorial gives many ideas for larger creations!

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