5 solutions to hide your cat's litter box

5 solutions to hide your cat's litter box

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Indispensable and yet unsightly, the litter is the decoration challenge for feline lovers. What if your cat's toilet space becomes practical and discreet? Here are our 5 solutions for the litter to blend in with the decor!

Solution n ° 1: integrate the cat litter box into existing storage spaces

Do you have a large closet with unused space? The bottom of the stairs or the sink is not finished? This is an opportunity to hide the cat litter! Create an opening in a door for your cat to slip into. And rather than a round or rectangular opening, allow yourself a little originality!

Solution n ° 2: create a green litter

What if the litter brings some greenery and clears the air? Hard to believe ? Arrange your cat's litter corner in a large flower pot and plant depolluting varieties there. You can also plant catnip there to the delight of your feline.

Solutions n ° 3: make a piece of furniture dedicated to litter

To hide, it is better to look like its environment! Who would suspect the presence of a litter box behind the door of a piece of furniture? For an ultra-discreet result, pierce the bottom of the furniture so that your cat can enter it neither seen nor known. We attach a bag dispenser and a litter scoop to clean everything in the blink of an eye.

Solution 4: integrate the litter box in a bathroom

If you prefer to install the litter away from living areas, the bathroom, WC or laundry room are all suitable. One constraint: ensure that the cat can always access it.

Solution 5: create a simple and comfortable bench

Transform the litter space into a cozy and comfortable bench! The opportunity to create a pleasant reading corner or to offer your cat a new space for lounging. Placed under a window, this new piece of furniture will delight cats who like to watch for birds.