DIY decoration: recycle trivets as memos

DIY decoration: recycle trivets as memos

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Here is a tutorial really simple to make but which will have the most beautiful effect on your walls and which, in addition, will be very useful to you. This involves recycling round cork trivets into memos ... Nothing very complicated for that. You will have to choose an assortment of pretty fabrics and cover your trivets. A few thumbtacks to hang your little sticky notes and you're good to go. So, rather liberty? Rather geometric? Have fun with the patterns! To make these pretty memos, you will need: - round cork trivets (set of 3 at Ikéa, that's great!), - assorted fabric coupons, larger than the size of the trivets, - upholstery nails for finishing (optional), - nail polish in a jar and its brush, - a pair of sewing scissors, - hangers for frames, - a glue gun.

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