Unidentified Decorative Object # 10

Unidentified Decorative Object # 10

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We are not without knowing the ever more original and unusual pieces presented by the Italian design house Seletti. Latest creation to date that took our breath away as its function let our mind wander on multiple possibilities: Inception, a true tribute to the Big Apple. But what good can this city-building made of silicone do? Inspired by the film Inception by Christopher Nolan, this original piece composed of New York-style skyscrapers more than intrigued us! Designed in silicone and imagined in collaboration with the famous designer Luca Nichetto, this curious object was presented to the public during New York Design Week last May. But then, what mission does it contain? First clue: it finds its place in the kitchen. Second clue: the dishes are exposed. Because Inception is actually a very designer drainer! Plates, glasses and cutlery are positioned along the towers after being washed, to dry. Here is a room to adopt if you want to bring a contemporary and unusual touch to your kitchen. We are sure that you will no longer balk at doing the dishes!
Be aware that you can also find it another function if installing it in the kitchen does not tempt you more than that. In an entrance to receive mail or on a desk to organize papers, this design piece, more aesthetic than functional, is likely to surprise more than one!

Available in pink, blue and gray More info on //www.seletti.it/objects/inception.php