Chef Frédéric Anton's cuisine by Lapeyre

Chef Frédéric Anton's cuisine by Lapeyre

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When Lapeyre and the three-star Chef and Meilleur Ouvrier de France Frédéric Anton join forces to imagine a quality and innovative cuisine, this results in a stainless steel model that combines style, functionality and ergonomics. Presentation in images of this chef's cuisine accessible to all.

Marriage of know-how

An original and accessible creation, the cuisine of chef Frédéric Anton by Lapeyre offers each of us the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a great chef's cuisine, whatever our space and budget. For more than a year, the teams of the renowned kitchen specialist, invited themselves into the kitchens of the French chef in order to observe, analyze and better understand the gestures and the way of working of great professionals. At the same time, Frédéric Anton made a precise selection of the accessories and products associated with this model.

Innovative 100% stainless steel furniture

Frédéric Anton's kitchen has relied on stainless steel, an unalterable and aesthetic professional material that is as robust as it is easy to maintain. The doors have been coated with a stainless steel plate with a satin finish with anti-fingerprint treatment to prevent you from wiping with a rag at each opening. As for the exclusive handles, they recall the codes of professional kitchens.

Optimization of space and accessibility

The different kitchen spaces have been designed so that the optimization is perfect. The work areas are off-center and decorated with specialized accessories. The cooking space has for example been positioned at the end of the work surface so as to facilitate the removal of the dishes. Practical and clever furniture has been integrated invisibly into the kitchen to facilitate the preparation of food and optimize storage. We are under the spell of accessorized drawers for storing knives, cutting boards or food scales.
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