Fanny Sennheiser ceramics, to find a smile at the table

Fanny Sennheiser ceramics, to find a smile at the table

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What if meals became a time of celebration and sharing for all children? This is the challenge that ceramist Fanny Sennheiser launched by imagining her collection "Smiling Table". The children's range, made up of plates and mugs with a delicate finish, welcomes happy ladybugs, bright red cherries, tart sweets and a thousand other delicacies at the bottom of each of its creations. It's a safe bet that our dear blond heads will love them!

A collection inspired by childhood memories

It is by remembering his childhood pleasures that the Franco-Swiss artist Fanny Sennheiser set out to produce his Smiling Table range. Not finding pretty dishes for her own children, she decides to make their own keychain. Having remembered the colors and flavors of her youth, Fanny remembered how precious these moments were to her: so it was the walks in the sun, afternoon snacks with the grandparents and the butterfly hunt that she wanted to revive through her work! The collection is available in several models of soup plates, ideal for little ones, as well as easy-to-handle mugs at snack time.

An autodidact in love with simple things

It was only that Fanny Sennheiser launched into the art of ceramics, after a brief training in Lausanne in 2004. The first sales were made drop by drop by word of mouth, then were quickly followed by greater production. Each of the pieces in the collection is worked by hand, which makes them unique and personal! Available on the creator's website and at the Colette concept store in Paris, plate and mug sets are sold for € 125.

More info on www.fannysennheiser.com