Material focus: how to choose knitting needles?

Material focus: how to choose knitting needles?

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That's it, you get started in knitting! But when buying your knitting needles, what was your dismay at the multiplicity of models available in your favorite haberdashery! Right, one point, two points, diameter, length ... You certainly did not plan to have to ask yourself so many questions to choose simple knitting needles. However, it is the choice of the latter that will partly depend on the quality of your work. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice.

The different types of knitting needles

There are three types ofknitting needles : one-pointed needles, two-pointed needles and circular needles.

  • The needles with a point represent the type ofknitting needles most frequently used. Slender in shape, these knitting needles rigid work in pairs. Count about 5 euros for a pair of needles of this type.
  • The two-pointed needles allow circular pieces to be produced without apparent seams. They are generally designated by the acronym "dp" and cost between 4 and 10 euros per pair.
  • Circular needles are used to make seamless pieces. They can also be used to make large flat panels when the straight needles are not long enough. These needles are usually joined by a nylon thread. Their purchase price varies between 5 and 15 euros depending on the models.

What materials should be favored?

Plastic, wood and metal are the three main materials in which knitting needles . For beginners, it is advisable to start with plastic needles which are easier to handle and less noisy than knitting needles made of metal. However, the latter have the advantage of optimizing the sliding of the meshes. Wooden needles are more difficult to find. If they are pleasant to use, they require more maintenance even if new species such as bamboo seem less demanding in the matter. For a pair of 30 cm bamboo point needles, expect an average price of 8 euros.

What diameter of knitting needles to choose?

The size of a knitting needle is indicated by an increasing metric system, i.e. the higher the number entered, the larger the diameter of the needle. The choice of needle diameter generally depends on the size of the thread with which you are going to make your work. Most skeins or skeins mention a diameter ofknitting needles recommended. Better not to stray from it, because if your needles are too small, the stitches of your work will be too tight, and vice versa.

What length of knitting needles to choose?

The choice of the length of the needles will depend on the dimensions of the work you plan to carry out. Indeed, the needles must be able to easily contain the number of stitches necessary for the confection of your garment.