Reproduce the cozy decor of Friends at home

Reproduce the cozy decor of Friends at home

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While the actors of the series announced recently that they will meet again for the last episode, nostalgia has invaded us. What to do ? Staying warm at home, wrapped in blankets, watching episodes of Friends? Yes but not only. You can also take inspiration from the decor of this cult series! Here are some ideas to revamp your interior by recreating the famous New York atmosphere of the 1990s. If you are a follower of Friends, you must have dreamed one day of having the same interior as Monica or Chandler and Joey. It is now possible! We suggest you copy their apartments with some essential furniture and decorative items. The characters in the series very often meet at Monica's apartment and at Central Perk, the famous cafe that has become their hangout. The epitome of comfort and conviviality, these spaces have everything to please. They are warm, colorful, with a vintage style.

The Chesterfield sofa

If there is one decor that has stayed with us all in mind, it is Central Perk, this New York café where friends from the series met on a huge, cozy sofa. Emblem of Central Perk, this brown tufted sofa has a classy and retro side that we love! It will become the centerpiece of your living room.

The maxi carpet

At Monica as at Central Perk, the maxi rugs are out. Whatever the reason, the idea is to create a cozy atmosphere in your living room. To avoid the grandmother's carpet side, we mix with other more modern pieces for a modern decor. We are nostalgic, but there are still limits!

The bottomless frame

To highlight the bull's eye placed on her front door, Monica has glued a bottomless frame around. If you want to create the same effect, we have an even simpler method: stickers! Glue one in the shape of a trompe l'oeil frame on the inside of your door. To highlight the perspective effect, mark the contrast between the color of the frame and that of the door: neutral color for colored doors and bright color for a neutral door.

The relaxing armchair

If you remember correctly, the highlight of Chandler and Joey's is the relaxing chair. Two beautiful leather models combining vintage and comfort sit in the middle of their living room. Perfect for watching TV, reading or taking a nap!

The wooden coffee table

For a style that is both natural and industrial, opt for the wooden coffee table as in Monica's apartment or at Central Perk. Prefer the rectangular shape and large enough to match the series.

The velvet armchair

Do you want to bring a vintage and romantic touch to your living room? Bet, like Phoebe, on the purple velvet armchair! It is positioned near the darker sofa and gives the room allure while making it warm. If you don't dare to use purple, which is very trendy, turn to other more sober models such as pinkish beige or old pink.

Mismatched chairs

Around Monica's table are arranged mismatched chairs in bright colors. Choose models of different styles, materials and colors: they bring a little offbeat side that works perfectly with the rest of the decoration.