Decryption: from the cocoon house to the goal lounge house

Decryption: from the cocoon house to the goal lounge house

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The French show a real craze for decoration, and it is not the survey carried out by Ipsos for the But brand that will tell us the opposite. Before any furniture store, But realizes 70% of its activity thanks to decoration. The brand therefore wanted to know more about the French and decoration. We help you decipher the phenomenon.

The decor and the French

Four out of five French people trust their personal taste, and 58% of them feel that they do not need other sources of inspiration than their own ideas. In addition, nine out of ten French people rely on a source of influence to find their decorative ideas. As such, stores, catalogs and decoration sites are prime sources of influence! After being asked about their tastes, it turns out that the two decorative styles that come out on top are the "clean / natural" style and the "country" style. These two atmospheres express the love of French people for fundamental values ​​which are none other than simplicity, nature and authenticity. It is not out of nostalgia for the past, but rather a desire to reconcile a return to the sources and a decoration in tune with the times that blends decorative desires.

The Fair, a place of openness and conviviality

Even if most French people decorate their house for themselves, 79% of the others say they like to invite people and 58% think it is important to show others that you have a taste for your interior design. For the loan of half of the French who favor the "living rooms" of their accommodation, the living room is by far their favorite room in front of the dining room, then the bedroom. The living room requires real aesthetic concern since it is the main room where you receive your loved ones.

Being deco-maniacs

Most of the French who participated in the study highlight the central place that decoration occupies in their lives. Two out of three French people like to stroll through decoration stores without necessarily buying. Besides, half of the French give in to impulse buying. And guess what, the main object of their favorite is the sofa. Finally, this "deco-mania" does not seem ready to stop, as tends to demonstrate the analysis of the results according to the generations. Indeed, if, unsurprisingly, women are more involved than men in terms of decoration, this difference is more true in the elderly but tends to diminish in the youngest. It seems that interior design still has a bright future ahead of it…