A pizza oven at home

A pizza oven at home

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This dish ? The French love it and are today the biggest eaters in Europe, far ahead of the Italians themselves. So to satisfy this irresistible desire for pizza, Thomson launches Crousty Chef, a new electric pizza oven, which allows you to cook and reheat tasty pizzas in a jiffy for the whole family…

To cook all the pizzas

Reine, Margherita, Four Cheeses? Treat yourself! No more time to waste with the Crousty Chef oven, you can easily enjoy all the pizzas you want, homemade, pre-cooked or frozen. This new electric oven has been specially designed for quick and easy use. Ideal for sharing with friends or family a few shares of your favorite meal.

We slip it everywhere!

With a capacity of 15 liters and a total power of 1300W, all forms of pizza are welcome. And its adjustable thermostat from 100 ° to 230 ° as well as its timer allows you to adapt the cooking, whether you prefer a soft or crispy pizza as desired, everything is allowed and above all everything is possible. Another plus of this ingenious machine? Its small footprint. Practical, you can slip it everywhere, even in the smallest kitchens.

An ultra practical oven

For those who would like to vary the pleasures, the Crousty Chef is also optimized to heat any type of pie, quiche, toast, sweet or savory, croque-monsieur, toast ... The list goes on! Finally, its ultra-handy grid with its integrated handle will prevent burns and allow you to slide your culinary preparations directly onto plates. A real good idea which, why not, could even turn into a gourmet gift for Christmas… The Crousty Chef is available now at Auchan at the recommended retail price of € 44.90 All the info on the website: //