Pretty wooden decorative objects for children

Pretty wooden decorative objects for children

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Are you looking for inspiration to decorate your little one's bedroom? Do not move ! We have what you need: a selection of wooden objects, the trendy material of 2016. Often raw in a Scandinavian and Nordic spirit, sometimes declined in pastel tones, this noble material that is wood softens by adopting adorable cloud or star shapes. Decorative shopping for children that will make people jealous.

Decorative and practical objects

A child's room is not a museum. Objects must be solid, secure and not take up unnecessary space. For that, bet on furniture and accessories dual function, which combine decoration and real utility. As for storage, small coat hooks (like those from Ferm Living and Vert baudet), very practical for putting on coats and hats when you come back from the nursery. Individual, they can separate and hang at different heights to teach the child to store. Side niches, impossible to miss the Bloomingville models, become stars of children's rooms. Playful, they allow you to exhibit decoration or to group together the first books. Finally, even baby carriages have hidden faces! The Cyrillus pram is used to walk his doll and is also used as a storage cart. Convenient !

A noble material for a sustainable decoration

If this so noble and natural material that is wood is acclaimed in children's bedrooms, it is because it corresponds to new needs for environmental responsibility. This selection therefore had to avoid disposable objects. The Titouam jumble can accommodate the photos of several brothers and sisters when the family grows. Funambulus shelves will become small plant holders if you want to change the decor of the room. When in the Eskimo mirror ... Who gets tired of a good ice cream?
1. Niches Sweet House pastel from Bloomingville at File dans ta chambre, 139 € / 2. Lot of 3 pegs house Pastels fruity at Vertbaudet, 19, 50 € / 3. Eskimo mirror April Eleven at Les Enfants du Design, 45 € / 4 Cloud shelf Funambulus at Womb, € 41 / 5. Wall lamp Ferm Linving, at La Redoute, € 72 / 6. Wooden storage trolley at Cyrillus, € 69.90 / 7. Paris mushrooms Briki vroom vroom at Womb, 26 € / 8. Janod sheep mobile at Alinea, 24.99 €