Architect's advice: 4 U-shaped kitchen plans

Architect's advice: 4 U-shaped kitchen plans

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In the U-shaped layout, furniture and household appliances can occupy up to three sections of wall. This layout adapts to all shapes and surfaces, and combines ergonomics, comfort and rationality. Everything is at hand, thus limiting the number of trips in the kitchen. Very user-friendly, it considerably increases the number of storage spaces. The major drawback of this configuration was the treatment of the angles for a long time, but the kitchen designers are now redoubling their ingenuity in order to optimize this space.

2.5 mx 2.7 m kitchen arranged in a U shape

Ideal for small open areas and / or long apartments, this 2.5m x 2.70m U-shaped kitchen space offers a modern and ergonomic layout. In order to isolate the kitchen from the living room without completely closing the room, a partition was raised, receiving the tall elements. Opposite are the lower elements. Thus, the dining and kitchen areas gain in conviviality and brightness. The angles are treated rationally: a hidden trash can near the dining area and the sink, and a storage cupboard opening onto the living room.


Kitchen of 3 m x 2.8 m arranged in a U shape

8.4 m2 of comfort and practicality for this U-shaped kitchen with all options! Large worktops, a washing area benefiting from daylight, multiple storage spaces, including a saucepan adjoining the hob to quickly store pots, pans and other pots thanks to its large sliding drawer. The angles, always difficult to optimize, can receive turnstile furniture. Finally, a cutting board integrated into the worktop is placed right next to the sink.


2.5m x 4.2m kitchen arranged in a U shape

This comfortable kitchen located in a U shape of 2.50 mx 4.20 m in an open space provides a pleasant and light visual. Many low and high storage spaces are installed. The tall units are brought together at an angle to keep the room bright and the refrigerator is isolated from the oven by sliding storage. The sink centered under the window allows washing and preparation in daylight. In the large 90 cm wide saucepan placed under the cooking plates, all pans, pots and other woks will find their place. Finally, to optimize the space, a wide angle is arranged in the dining area.


3.6 mx 3.6 m kitchen arranged in a U shape

In this large square kitchen of 3.60 x 3.60 m arranged in a U, the elements are arranged on two sections of walls. The layout is generous in storage and worktops. Apart from the refrigerator, the equipment is composed only of low elements, the kitchen thus purified bathes in the natural light brought by the picture window. Finally, a double depth unit receives the sink and 5 storage units. The angles are optimized by an easy-access turnstile storage and a corner drawer into which spices, kitchen utensils will slide.

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