The silicone sheet, stronger than the stretch film

The silicone sheet, stronger than the stretch film

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No more rolls of stretch food film, impractical and not at all ecological. Now opt for the silicone sheet. You will use it as a cover for your dishes or when wrapping your fruit or vegetables. The silicone sheet is the ideal tool to keep the flavor and freshness of your food but also to protect it from drying out. In addition, it has the advantage of being very easy to use. You want to know more ? Here are all the details of this fabulous invention!

Stretchable up to 2 times its size, the silicone sheet adapts to all your dishes

Made of platinum silicone, the sheet is stretchable up to 2 times its size. You can easily adapt it to all shapes of dishes, whether square, round or rectangular. To install it, you just need to stretch it, adjust it and apply light pressure to expel the air from the dish. And voila!

Usable everywhere!

Due to its very high quality platinum silicone material, the silicone sheet resists extreme temperatures (from -40 ° C to 180 ° C). You will be able to use the silicone sheet in the microwave on your dishes to reheat, in the oven for stewing, in the refrigerator to keep the freshness of your fruit or vegetables already started and even in the freezer. Good to know, if you want to use the silicone sheet in the microwave, peel it slightly from the edge of your dish to let some air pass.

Different sizes for greater freedom of use

The silicone sheet exists in 3 different dimensions: 10X10 cm for your small dishes or even a half-opened apple or an onion. In 15X15 cm for intermediate dishes or in 20X20 for gratin dishes, casseroles or other cooking utensils. It is also a very ecological product since you can use the silicone sheets hundreds of times!

Aesthetic and ultra compact

The silicone sheets are transparent so you can see your food through. They are also extremely flexible which allows them to be stored easily. They will therefore take up very little space in your cupboards.