How to properly clean your office in a few minutes?

How to properly clean your office in a few minutes?

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We are not going to lie, keeping our desk tidy is an almost impossible mission. Yet with little advice and in just a few minutes, you can reorganize your workspace and no longer be concerned about the clutter around. Before seeing your stack of documents collapse, the editor offers you 5 practical tips.

Tip 1: be organized

Because it is better to prevent than to cure, let's store little, but store well. Do not mix everything and anything! This may seem like a no-brainer, but this is the basic advice that we are least used to following.

Tip # 2: don't turn your desk into a tote

Let's keep in mind that this is a work space and not a storage compartment, therefore, distracting cake packages, keys or makeup. This is not to say that you have to slide everything carelessly in the drawers because if the desk is clean but the drawers are turned upside down, you will still not find your way!

Tip # 3: sort

Let's take it thoughtfully! For this, collect all the documents, throw away one by one those which are no longer useful and put aside the documents to keep for the next tip.

Tip 4: Create folders

After having sorted the papers which invade us, it is necessary either to organize files which gather the documents by topics, or to store your information on services like Evernote or Dropbox. These softwares are accessible from any computer and allow sorting by date or by theme. It can also be practical to create a "bazaar" folder where everything that is not sortable is stored, without forgetting to sometimes throw away unnecessary documents. We can follow this approach with our post-it accumulated en masse, putting the most important at eye level.

Tip 5: buy storage

If after following the first 4 tips you are still short of organization, get down to business and buy storage equipment, or make your own equipment directly. For example, diverting a cutlery tray or an ice cube tray, for storing pens and utensils of all kinds, can be a great economic idea.