Tutorial: making Christmas balls with broken bulbs

Tutorial: making Christmas balls with broken bulbs

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This year, we are making Christmas decorations! Origami garlands, paper lanterns or even do it yourself fir tree, there are plenty of ideas for making home decorations! And if in addition, they are recovered, it's even better, like these DIY Christmas balls made from old bulbs. A super clever tutorial created by Annie, from the blog Annie cardboard! duration : 15 minutes Cost : around 20 € of supplies (reusable)


You will need: - light bulbs that no longer work - gold and silver glitter - wire - varnish glue - a brush - gold paint


1. Start by brushing your bulb with the glue varnish. If you exceed, do not panic, the glue varnish becomes transparent when drying.
2. Next, sprinkle your bulb with glitter. Perform the operation above a tray or a plate to be able to collect the glitter that will fall next to it.
3. To dry your bulb, simply plant it in a piece of cardboard. 4. Repeat on other bulbs with silver glitter and gold paint.
5. Finally, create a hook with a piece of wire to fix your balls on the tree.


And There you go ! Original and recovered Christmas balls! A tip to prevent the glitter from flying everywhere, spray hair spray on your bulbs.
Thanks to Annie for her creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your DIY Christmas balls on our Facebook page, and find more ideas on our Pinterest!


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