Olivier Amsellem at Villa Noailles

Olivier Amsellem at Villa Noailles

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From October 19, 2014 to January 11, 2015, Villa Noailles welcomes the works of photographer Olivier Amsellem on the theme "Ile du Levant, île du Titan". A unique opportunity to discover the natural and constructed beauty of the Ile du Levant, located off the Var coast. Paradise island and garden island are shown for the first time in their entirety, from the Titan lighthouse to Maupertuis, to the delight of visitors.

A dream setting for an exceptional exhibition

Villa Noailles, located in Hyères in the Var department, was one of the very first modern-style constructions made in France. Designed in December 1923 and inhabited two years later, it is the work of architect Robert Mallet-Stevens, with the collaboration of Toulon architect Léon David. Very quickly, it became the meeting place for the artistic avant-garde, welcoming artists and works from very diverse horizons. Since 2003, a photographer has been invited each year by the house-museum for a photographic order in connection with the Hyèroise area. It is therefore quite natural that she now presents the photographs of Olivier Amsellem, taken in this same region of the Var, which highlight the island beauty of the Levant so well.

The possibility of an island

Olivier Amsellem's work on the Ile du Levant completes the "photographic trilogy of the Golden Islands" started in the 1990s with the islands of Porquerolles and Port-Cros. The photographer drew on all his sensitivity to reveal the beauty of the inhabited places of the island, like the wildest corners. We can imagine a luxuriant nature, peaceful paths where it is good to relax. From November 2011 to May 2014, Olivier Amsellem regularly visited the island and visited all the sites, from the naturist area of ​​Heliopolis to uninhabited houses, passing by the creeks. Because the Ile du Levant is renowned for its naturist beaches and its natural reserve created in 1993, the Domaine des Arbousiers. Olivier Amsellem has not omitted any aspect of the island which asserts itself in all its simplicity. The photographs aptly capture the free, wild and wonderful spirit of the Levantines: these small plots of paradise make us want to discover it, share it, and experience it all the more!

Olivier Amsellem, a multifaceted artist

It is between Marseille and Paris that Olivier Amsellem exercises his gaze on daily life and the surrounding landscapes, whether urban or wild. Winner of the competition for the International Fashion and Photography Festival in Hyères in 1998, he responded for the third time to an order from the Noailles art center (Modern Variations in 2005, and Architecture of Disappearance in 2009).
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