Personalized mini shelves

Personalized mini shelves

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Long live the small wooden shelves to revamp your interiors! If you can buy them ready, what a pleasure to personalize them yourself! Depending on your decor and your desires, opt for pretty origami-style papers or cheerful tones.

Cheerful niches

In a child's or adult's bedroom and even in the living room, these shelves replace frames and other wall decorations. To personalize yours, determine already which coin you want to invest and get started! For this workshop, you will need:
• One or more shelves (example: the ELLA model)
• Patterned paper. You can find them in the creative leisure spaces of major brands or even recycle old pieces of wallpaper.
• Scissors, ruler, pencil and glue
• Color paint (to be matched with the chosen room)
• A brush and a small roller

Painting and wrapping paper for custom shelves!

1. Measure the inside of your shelves and then transfer the measurements to the paper in order to cut it to the right size. If the shape is more complicated, put your shelf on the paper and trace its outline. Then cut out the inside of the shape so that it is just the right size. 2. Here, you have the choice between: pass a coat of paint on the inside edge of your shelf or leave it raw. It does not matter if you overflow on the bottom because you will then come and stick your paper bottom. Let dry well before the bonding step. 3. Here you are at the last step: all you have to do is apply the glue (be careful not to overdose which leaves blisters) and gently place your paper inside the shelf. That's it ! You can then vary colors and papers endlessly, or even use Masking Tape (scotch of colors or patterns) to create backgrounds or dress up the contours of the shelves. An idea to customize the rooms for children and rooms for adults!

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