Anthologie, the new generation housewife

Anthologie, the new generation housewife

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Guy Degrenne has surprised us for over half a century with its daring creations and its inimitable know-how in the world of tableware. Specialist in gourmet staging, the hexagonal brand invests all possible registers for use over the days, or to set up an exceptional table. Goldsmithing - its primary activity - is constantly exploring new creative solutions by offering ever more avant-garde lines and shapes every year. The latest addition to the range of housewares, the Anthologie collection seduced the editorial staff with its unique storage mode and its many possibilities for personalization.

A very innovative concept

With the launch of Anthologie, a fully customizable designer housewife, the Guy Degrenne house proves once again that it is ahead of its time. The great history of goldsmithing continues its epic, under the impetus of the tricolor house which highlights the most noble function of the cutlery! With this innovative concept, Guy Degrenne now offers its customers the freedom to choose its content. Model, finishes and function of the cutlery are selected by the buyer according to his needs and his daily utility: this revolutionary module thus offers the possibility of setting a table completely in his image! The brand has also thought of households wishing to equip themselves at their own pace, by offering the possibility of completing its collection over time. Fashions pass, but the lines imagined by the French goldsmith remain timeless.

A revised and personalized setting

Besides the personalization of the content, it is the container itself that constitutes the great innovation of Anthologie. Exit the traditional briefcases, place with the refined and contemporary boxes which slip in any discretion in a library or on a shelf. These true "cutlery books" each consist of a storage pocket for 24 cutlery or a storage pocket for 7 serving pieces. Two styles of cases allowing their storage are also available, and are available in 3 colors each: gray, kraft and red. These functional cases allow free storage, both vertically and horizontally, while remaining compact and ergonomic. The cutlery benefits from optimal protection and remains sparkling in all circumstances.
The Anthologie housewife is available in a 24-piece module or in a service module. Examples for Aquatic, Guest or Chiseled Astrée models: Table module for 6 people: € 221 Starter / Cheese module for 12 people: € 246 Fish module for 12 people: € 206 / Dessert module for 12 people: € 182 4-piece Service module : 118 € / Module only: 25 €