An outdoor metal staircase: how to make the right choice?

An outdoor metal staircase: how to make the right choice?

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An outdoor metal staircase is not chosen lightly! It is therefore important to take the time to reflect to study in detail the configuration of your land, the different shapes, colors and existing materials. Indispensable criteria for installing an exterior in your own image that integrates as much with the exterior environment as with the style of your house.

A metal staircase adapted to the configuration of the terrain

A metal staircase located outside can have different shapes: straight, rotating, circular or spiral. Depending on the space available and the architectural style you want to give, you will choose one or the other of these models. Your budget is tight but you have a large area? Opt for a straight staircase. Is the space rather limited? Bet on a spiral staircase. Ideal for saving space, you will quickly fall in love with its practical and ultra-trendy shape.

Spotlight on available materials

If the metal staircase gives a modern style to the space it dresses, it is important to know the specific characteristics of each material available on the market before making your choice: - Steel: steel stairs are the most successful these days. The reason: the multitude of finishes and colors that allows them to adapt to all styles, from the most traditional to the most contemporary. Raw, galvanized or weathered appearance, they also have the major advantage of being available in all forms to meet everyone's desires and needs. Straight, helical staircase, all options are possible. Note that this is the noisiest metal and that before installing a model of this type, it must be treated against corrosion. - Aluminum: available in a large variety of shapes, colors and mixtures of materials, light, removable, flexible and wear-resistant, aluminum is particularly suitable for the construction of a staircase. Not to mention that it allows more creativity and originality. Be aware, however, that this type of model is generally reserved for secondary structures because of its low strength and practicality. Its plus: its price! - Stainless steel: if you will be able to crack the lightness, the smooth appearance and the shine of the stainless steel, know however that its maintenance will have to be meticulous to compensate for the appearance of scratches. Good news, however, stainless steel has extreme resistance to corrosion and has the advantage of being able to endorse all forms of stairs. Straight, rotating or helical… the choice is yours! Note: the stainless steel staircase is the most expensive of the metal exterior stairs.

Maintenance of an exterior metal staircase

Outdoor stairs inevitably undergo the effects of time and temperature variations with the seasons, hence the importance of taking into account the concepts of cleaning and maintenance. If steel has the particularity of easily rusting, stainless steel is easily scratched. You will therefore treat the steel against corrosion and maintain it with cream and water.
To erase the traces on stainless steel, you will rather use a microfiber sponge. Almost wear-free, aluminum will require very little maintenance.