Make hanging shelves

Make hanging shelves

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This week, the D&CO team shows you how to make hanging shelves. Demonstration in pictures. For this workshop, you will need: - medium boards 19 millimeters thick, - metal bars, - threaded rods, - fixing plates, - screws, - a screwdriver drill.

Step 1

Drill holes the size of metal bars in the boards.

2nd step

Then, on the underside of each shelf, make notches on each side to receive the nuts of the threaded rods.

Stage 3

Slide the boards onto the metal bars.

Step 4

Thread the plates on each end of the metal bars.

Step 5

Position the boards at the desired height. Then insert and screw the threaded rods to support them.

Step 6

Using screws and a drill driver, fix the plates to the floor and ceiling.

Step 7

It only remains to paint the shelves in the color of your choice.