The Chinese portrait of All three

The Chinese portrait of All three

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"Meaning today is a value that we need. To give meaning to an object, we observe our world, we respond to its questions, its desires; that fascinates us. More beauty, more lightness, more confidence in the future. " Since 1997, the publishing house Tous les Trois has tended to defend a sensible vision of design. There are therefore three of them - Juan Lozano, Hannelore Meyer Gallay and Florent Zandrini - and have chosen mass-market products and consumer goods as their field of action. They are currently working on new approaches in culinary design. Portrait. If you were an object, you would be ... A glass If you were a color, you would be ... Sky blue If you were a chair, you would be ... The “Luxembourg” garden chair

An elegant collection at Revol, the "Les Naturels" range

If you were a book, you would be ... Towards a new world order by Gérard Chaliand If you were a movie, you would be ... Avatar by James Cameron

For the Ligne Roset, Tous les Trois have designed this Evlan plate-rest in die-cast aluminum.

If you were a lamp, you would be ... Ingo-Maurer's Porca-Miseria chandelier If you were a country, you would be ... Imaginary

For Aubecq, they imagined the Pixel pan with a protective grid which insulates the coating.

If you were a famous monument, you would be ... The taj Mahal If you were a city, you would be ... New York If you were a subject, you would be ... Glass If you were a smell, you would be ... Amber