LG fridge keeps an eye on what you eat

LG fridge keeps an eye on what you eat

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The LG brand is innovative. Several times a year, it offers extraordinary novelties that make us travel to a not so distant future. Today, we invite you to discover one of these innovations: the LG Smart refrigerator and its intelligent food management. A new generation of refrigerators which belongs to the range of LG Smart Home appliances.

Smart Home: a connected range from LG

The LG brand has created a complete range of household appliances: Smart Home. The particularity of this range is that it is interactive. Thanks to the LG HomeChat application, it is possible to control all the elements remotely. Numerous so-called intelligent functionalities not only save time and money, but also provide security. For example, if you select the "I leave my home" mode of the application, then your household appliances will go into standby or energy saving. The robotic vacuum cleaner will maintain the floors and use its cameras to detect a possible intrusion, take photos and send them to your smartphone.

Focus on LG Smart refrigerators

If the new LG refrigerators, from the LG Smart range, are so different, it is because they have very innovative features. There are three of these, namely: Smart View, Smart Power Saving and Smart Manager. Smart View is the name given to the functionality that lets you know the contents of your refrigerator in real time. At each opening, several shots are taken. They can be viewed on a smartphone or tablet via the HomeChat app. So you can control your reserves before or during your races and minimize food waste. The Smart Power Saving option and Energy Monitoring allow you to control energy consumption in real time. This feature allows you to make big savings especially at night and during your travels, holidays or any other prolonged absence. It also allows you to know your energy consumption in real time, its evolution over a given period and the number of door openings and closings always over a given period.

An easy-going fridge

The Smart Manager is arguably the most innovative and spectacular feature. In particular, it allows you to manage the food stored in your refrigerator. Taking into account the content of the device, Smart Manager offers cooking recipes. As we said earlier, the refrigerator also helps you optimize your purchases by giving you access to the contents of the refrigerator. Finally, it is possible to customize the display of the screen located on the door. You can put the illustration of your choice and even scroll through photos of your family, loved ones, etc. How to get the LG Smart refrigerator? The LG Smart refrigerator was presented at the IFA fair in Berlin. The products will be marketed during 2015. For more information, do not hesitate to connect to the LG brand site.


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