An outdoor staircase as a kit: how to make the right choice?

An outdoor staircase as a kit: how to make the right choice?

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In view of the complexity of producing a standard or custom-made staircase, many individuals are giving up installing a staircase outside their property. However, there is an economical alternative, which does not require any particular technical skill: the purchase of an exterior staircase in kit form. If its usefulness is no longer to be demonstrated today, choosing a model adapted to your tastes and the specifics of your field is not always easy. To help you make your choice, the editorial team gives you some practical advice.

Outdoor staircase kit: which shape to choose?

Straight, rotating, helical, with or without landing ... there are many types of staircase kit available on the market. To choose the perfect model, it is important to take into account the configuration of your land and the space available. Yes the right staircase is characterized by a quick installation and an advantageous price, it nevertheless requires space to be able to be installed properly and a sufficient slope not to be dangerous. Thanks to its small footprint, the spiral staircase allows an interesting space saving. And to optimize the available space, nothing like spiral staircase .

Outdoor staircase kit: what material to choose?

The exterior staircase kit is available in several materials. If the metal staircase is the most widespread model and the one with the most variants, you will also find models in treated wood, often associated with metal or even concrete spiral staircases, in the form of modules assembled by market. To choose the ideal kit staircase, trust your tastes, your desires and the style you want to give to your exterior: wood, metal or concrete… it's up to you! While wood will provide an authentic and warm spirit to your outdoor space, concrete will easily find its place in a contemporary property. As for metal, it will offer you a modern aesthetic cachet. If you have a small budget, turn to concrete models, often cheaper than those made of wood or metal. They also have characteristics of solidity, stability and require no maintenance.

Outdoor staircase kit: what price?

One of the major advantages of the exterior staircase in kit form is of course its price, much lower than a standard or made-to-measure staircase. Count between 100 and 150 euros the walk depending on the size of the staircase, its shape and its dressing. When calculating the price of your exterior staircase in kit form, you will also have to take into account any earthworks to be carried out to prepare the ground and allow a small supplement in your budget for possible finishes and / or long-term maintenance ( cleaning of rust, making the staircase non-slip, etc.). In any case, do not hesitate to seek advice from professionals to be sure to make the right choice.