How to clean a stair railing?

How to clean a stair railing?

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Dust off your stair railing

Whether your stair railing is made of wood, metal or glass, the first action to take is a gentle dusting. With a feather duster or a microfiber cloth, remove the dust that has not failed to accumulate on the ramp and in the nooks. Is your railing made of wood? Apply a solution consisting of a third of turpentine, a third of vegetable oil and a third of vinegar. Its advantage: it nourishes the wood and makes it less sticky. As a result, dust deposits are delayed!

Cleaning a wooden stair railing

To give your wooden stair railing a new shine and remove stubborn stains, the easiest solution is to make gentle movements using a microfiber cloth dampened with table oil. However, be careful not to wax your ramp excessively as the dust will tend to aggregate more quickly. Good to know : if your wood is varnished, never use an abrasive sponge, powdered products or bicarbonate. Also, do not spray any wood cleaner. These tend to foul the wood and make it more sticky.

Cleaning a metal stair railing

Once the dust is gone on your metal rail, wipe with a sponge using a solution based on hot water and Marseille soap (or dishwashing liquid, if applicable). To treat rust, bare your ramp using a sander to remove corrosion. When the metal is cleared, protect your ramp with anti-rust paint. In case of scratches on your ramp, do not panic! There are many recipes from grand mothers. Solution based on cigarette ash, toothpaste or clay stone… the choice is yours!

Giving shine to your glass railing

For your glass railing, add a few drops of glycerin to your wash water. In this way, it will no longer attract dust and get dirty much less quickly. If your railing has scratches, you can reduce them by making circular movements using a cloth impregnated with toothpaste. Guaranteed result! Finally, to give it back its sparkle, nothing too complicated. You just need to rub the glass part with a potato cut in half. Be aware, however, that a cloth soaked in household alcohol may also do the trick.


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