I tested for you: the decorative label maker

I tested for you: the decorative label maker

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A strange object arrived at the editorial office. Having caught our attention, we took a closer look and decided to try it. Its function, label decoration! A good reason to put away our press kits and make some order around us. So we tested for you the label maker from Brother! The size of a credit card terminal, the Brother labeller allows you to easily create adhesive labels to classify and identify your belongings! Its little extra trick compared to its counterparts, is that it has features that allow you to create beautiful ornaments for decorative labels. Jars, files, plants ... find the right path for a house always in order and decoration!

The start-up

Like any good device, start by turning it on by pressing the red button! So far it's easy!

Do you speak French ?

Yes I prefer! To communicate with the machine in French, first select the language of your choice in the "Menu". To do this, use the arrows to scroll through the different nationalities.

Let's go !

Type your word on the keyboard. It is of course possible to write in upper or lower case. But it is especially possible to add a dose of fantasy on your labels depending on the themes offered. Cooking, birthday, garden, children ... energize and allow thematize your labels.

4 functions are possible

You find the shortcuts here!

More precisely

1- Simply write with a vertical function 2- Create decorative contours in the form of leaves, stars, games… around your word to nicely style your labels 3- Add fun and decorative pictograms inside the decorative contours 4- Pass in "Deco mode" and realize graphic effects around your letters To note : the manual is a precious element to keep close to you, it allows you to visualize all the decorative possibilities of the label maker

Press the green button twice to validate and print the label on the ribbon

Here, white in color, know that there are other colors of ribbon such as yellow or black.

Finish by cutting and then adjusting with scissors!

And that's the job!

Take a look at the result of our efforts… Now it's time for decoration :)

There's just !

All that remains is to stick the labels. The handling is very simple: just fold the cuff in half to reveal the sticky part.
Practical information : Brother GL-H100 labeling machine delivered with black ribbon on white 24.92 euros