Fairytale kettles from Bosch

Fairytale kettles from Bosch

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This year, the Bosch brand is getting ahead and is already tackling the Christmas holidays. For the occasion, the household appliance brand has decided to release a dazzling range of kettles. Brilliant colors, modern design and the know-how of a big brand, here is a preview of the magical kettles from Bosch.

Focus on the Bosch brand

Bosch is a German company which has existed since 1886. The brand has different subsidiaries, it is present on the market for automotive equipment, security, packaging and of course, household appliances. Bosch offers washing machines, dryers, vacuum cleaners, irons and all the essentials in the kitchen. Little anecdote, here at the editorial office we love the brand's retro fridge!

Photo credits: Bosch

The magical kettles

Today, it is the Bosch kettles that interest us. The brand decided to celebrate Christmas in advance by releasing a range of magical kettles. These are in perfect harmony with contemporary and traditional kitchens. Their secret? Three festive colors: copper, stainless steel or gold. Tea lovers will love the elegance of this kettle, its capacity of 1.7 liters and its power of 2200 Watts which allows you to have a good tea almost instantly. The kettle is cordless and has an anti-scale filter. No need to go further, you will understand: it is a must-have for breakfast!

Bosch, copper trendy kettle (TWK 7809), stainless steel trend (TWK 7801) and gold trend (TWK 7808), € 54.99 (except stainless steel € 49.99).