Frame kit: how to choose it?

Frame kit: how to choose it?

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The frame is the central element of a construction. There is a whole range of them, such as industrial frame, traditional frame or even kit frame. The latter can be made of metal or wood. It is a low cost solution that adapts perfectly to small constructions. How to choose a frame in kit? Here are the editorial responses.

What is a kit frame?

A kit frame is a frame to assemble yourself. The kits are standard or custom designed and therefore adapt to a good number of projects. They can concern a house, a garage, an outbuilding, a workshop or even a garden shed. Professionals travel most often to take the necessary measures during a technical study. They study each project and then proceed to design the kit.

A product that meets today's needs

The kit frame is an increasingly popular product among consumers. It must be said that it perfectly meets today's needs. Many people want to build their homes with their hands and therefore turn to kits. Often, the assembly of a frame is a collaborative work. We call friends or family and we set up together. The other major advantage of a kit frame is the price. Because this type of frame is to be assembled by yourself, the rates are 30 to 40% cheaper whether it is for wooden frames or metal frames.

The wooden frame

A wooden frame is preferred in homes. They give a lot of style with exposed beams and make it easier to lay a floor. There are two types of wooden frame: those in raw wood treated or not with wood essence, and those in glulam, more customizable. The choice of wood is essential. You should know that regional woods are most often used. It is therefore necessary to inquire with the professional in order to know which wood he uses. The quality of the wood will impact the price of the frame. Depending on the use that will be made of the frame, the wood species can be a point of comparison. This notably determines the color of the wood and therefore of any visible beams. Like the shape of the frame, its composition is personalized.

The metal frame

A metal frame is preferred on buildings that need a solid base. These frames are most often made of steel. On a home, they reduce the number of load-bearing walls. The metal frame offers many possibilities but it is also subject to environmental standards which vary by region. The professionals are good advice and brilliantly accompany each project, so do not hesitate to ask them the right questions.

The editorial board

You will understand, a frame kit is to assemble yourself. So make sure you have the skills or be accompanied by people capable of performing these types of tasks. During the erection of the frame, make sure to secure the site and limit the risk of accidents.