Spray painting, instructions for use

Spray painting, instructions for use

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More practical and faster than the brush or the roller, the gun allows to paint but also to varnish a small as a large surface (and this, whatever its shape), with a result close to professional perfection ... provided you respect scrupulously its instructions! Find more articles on the theme: Painting work quotes

Preparation: essential

As with any technique, the surface to be painted or varnished must absolutely be clean, dry and smooth (a light sanding should possibly be considered to smooth out imperfections). If necessary, it can be degreased with a solution of water and detergent. It is also essential to protect the direct environment, the paint being sprayed in very fine droplets, but also to protect oneself by wearing a mask in order to avoid inhaling toxic substances. Finally, the paint should be slightly more liquid than for a brush / roller application: you must therefore dilute it (5 to 10% thinner, depending on the type of paint and the brand) before pouring it into the tank. Note that an acrylic or vinyl paint is diluted with water while glycerol, polyurethane or alkyd paint is diluted with white spirit.

The paint sprayer, instructions for use

Once the paint is diluted (to make it more fluid, you can filter it), you must absolutely adjust the nozzle before starting to paint. This adjustment is made according to its consistency: a thick paint requires the use of a wide spray nozzle while a liquid paint requires the use of a fine diameter nozzle. It is preferable to make a preliminary test on a piece of cardboard before starting painting. To paint the surface, always hold the gun vertically, at a distance of 25-30 cm, and move it in parallel with regular and slow movements, painting meter by meter (never stop in action) ... each new square before overlapping by 1/3 the previous one. It is advisable to proceed in two stages: the first layer by drawing vertical S and the second layer by drawing horizontal S.

Cleaning, never neglected

To use your paint sprayer optimally, it is essential to clean it thoroughly after each use. The paint bucket should be emptied and then filled with water or white spirit, depending on the paint used. It is then necessary to purge the circuit of the gun (on a piece of cardboard for example) until it propels a clean liquid free of any trace of paint, then clean the nozzle with a brush. Do not forget to also clean the outside of the paint gun with a cloth dampened in water or white spirit. This tedious step is not optional. In fact, you may no longer be able to use your equipment, clogged with paint that will have hardened.