5 grandmother tips for cleaning stainless steel

5 grandmother tips for cleaning stainless steel

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Stainless steel is a material that tends to get very dirty, even too much, quickly. Stains, fingerprints on the splashback, the fridge or even on the hob, there are a multitude of homemade and very economical recipes to get rid of them! tells you everything!

Tip # 1: use soapy water

To clean your kitchen furniture or small stainless steel appliances, take a sponge, Marseille soap and hot water. Soak a sponge in your soapy water and clean it well. In order to leave no trace, wipe off as soon as possible with a microfiber cloth.

Tip n ° 2: concoct a mixture based on white vinegar

Have you cleaned your stainless steel but some traces remain? Use a cloth dampened with a mixture of white vinegar and water. Mix the two ingredients in equal parts, rub gently and then wipe dry. Warning: never use pure vinegar at the risk of irreparably attacking your stainless steel!

Tip 3: use oil and lemon

Another equally effective tip: use an oil-based vinaigrette and lemon. Rub your stainless steel with a soft cloth and polish. Your fridge and your dull and stained furniture take on colors!

Tip n ° 4: use the white stone

To maintain your sinks, credenzas or any other stainless steel appliance on a daily basis, consider white stone or clay stone. With a small sponge, you rub gently and then rinse. No more traces!

Tip n ° 5: mix water and flour

Here is another tip, rather original and easy to carry out: sprinkle the object to be cleaned widely with flour, then clean with a damp cloth and rinse. On a splashback, place the flour directly on the sponge moistened with water. Rinse, then dry. Easy, right?