8 tips to know to wash your arbor

8 tips to know to wash your arbor

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Maintaining an arbor is not easy. The tasks to be performed depend on the model. Each element must be washed separately in order to preserve the entire structure. Whether you have a wooden or aluminum arbor, you must adapt your washing and follow a few rules. Today, we invite you to discover the editorial tips and tricks for washing your arbor.

1. Disassemble the arbor to wash it

To wash an arbor properly, it must be dismantled. Indeed, the structure and the canvas are made of two different materials and require special maintenance. Take the canvas out carefully so as not to damage it and keep it in a place where it will not be walked on while the structure is being cleaned.

2. Choose a suitable surface to extend the canvas

Before cleaning the canvas, you must extend it. Prefer the lawn or the terrace, if the latter is relatively smooth. However, avoid stones that will damage the canvas. For washing, you will probably have to walk on the canvas, remember to take off your shoes in order to preserve it.

3. Sweep the canvas before washing it

Before washing the canvas, sweep it to remove as much dirt as possible. This step, often forgotten, greatly facilitates cleaning. This one is faster and the result is impeccable.

4. Wash the canvas with soapy water

Once the canvas is extended and swept, you can wash it. To do this, water and soap are enough. You can take liquid detergent, dish soap or cleaning product. Beware of the possible presence of bleach which is not compatible with colored fabrics.

5. Detach the canvas

To overcome stubborn stains, do not hesitate to use a small brush and elbow grease. Do not worry, the canvas will not pilling!

6. Wash and dry the structure

Once you have taken care of the canvas, you can wash the arbor structure. This can be made of wood or aluminum. In either case, you can use soap and water. However, take the time to dry the washed surfaces. The wood will not rot and the aluminum will have no rust.

7. Choose the right tools

To wash an arbor, you need simple but practical equipment. Provide a bucket, a large sponge, like those used to wash a car, a brush, dry rags and a garden hose for rinsing.

8. And the right products

As for cleaning products, we focus on the simplicity of a detergent or a cleaning product such as dishwashing product, product for floors or multi-surfaces. Just check there is no bleach.