Kitchen: the work plan plays with decorative objects

Kitchen: the work plan plays with decorative objects

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The worktop is a key element of a nice, practical and functional kitchen. With the lack of space and the need for storage which is becoming more pressing every day, it becomes necessary to optimize it so that it is as useful as it is aesthetic. Developing without eating the surface in order to cook at ease, this is the challenge that we suggest you take up today! From the credenza to the horizontal workspace, you have several tips for creating a decorative, design and easy-going kitchen.

Make the wall!

We cannot repeat it enough: invest the walls! Whether with a magnetic board that acts as a reminder, with a panel with a hole for utensils in the manner of garage workbenches or even with a magnetic bar on which you place your collection of knives, everything is an excuse to use the credenza to have its equipment at hand. It is also an opportunity to equip yourself by choosing professional equipment that you enjoy using and exhibiting.
Photo credit: Ikea

Plants for a green kitchen

Having pretty green plants in your kitchen is good. Creating an aromatic mini-garden is better! Amateur cooks who do not have the space to install a window box at the window now have the option of investing the splashback: just install a rail or a metal bar and hang small pots on it. using hooks (at Ikea for example). In addition to putting spices at your fingertips, the kitchen takes a fresh breath and goes green! The aromatic plants which grow easily indoors are fortunately those which are the most used in cooking (basil, thyme, mint, tarragon, chives…): on the other hand it will be necessary to renew them every year for most of them.

Photo credits: Archzine / Aviva

Design sits at the table

Good news: exhibiting your small appliance is becoming more and more trendy! With the rise of brands such as Smeg, Alessi and KitchenAid, design robots are coming out of the closet and taking over the worktop. Toaster, coffee machine, multi-function robot ... Whatever the device, we choose it according to its cuisine (vintage for a retro style, black and stainless steel for a more industrial atmosphere, etc.) and we put it in value on a worktop as well as a decorative accessory.

Photo credits: Kitchen and accessories / Tsé Tsé and associates

A bit of humour

The kitchen is a room that easily lends itself to the play of quirky accessories and humor. It is therefore the ideal place to display a funny cutting board, a colored paper holder and all your fun and humorous accessories. Special mention for the Koziol knife holder and its funny shape of a stabbed man (!), As well as for the Joseph Joseph cutting boards.
Photo credit: Best of Cuisine