Dressings in unexpected corners

Dressings in unexpected corners

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Because a dressing room is not just a chest of drawers or a wardrobe in the bedroom, there are many places to store all your clothes. Bathroom, staircase, headboard, there is no shortage of corners. For that, a little imagination and a good dose of organization are enough to arrange a nice dressing room, which has nothing to envy to custom-made. The editorial gives you its selection of clever places to store your precious clothes.

The dressing room in the bathroom

No need to cross the house rolled up in a towel to reach the dressing room. This practical solution, which requires a well-appointed bathroom, prevents moisture from permeating clothes.

The dressing room under the stairs

To avoid losing the empty space under the stairs, think of storage. This solution offers an obvious space saving for narrow surface habitats. A few shelves, a handful of large boxes, and here's an idea for storing the clothes and shoes you use most frequently.

The walk-in closet

The attic offers an interesting space. Thanks to the roof windows, light floods the room. Add a large foot mirror and this is the perfect wardrobe for choosing the clothes of the day with the greatest clarity.

The walk-in closet

Or the dressing room that we see in TV series. Often laid out in the wide corridor between the bathroom and the bedroom, it allows free passage while cleverly taking advantage of the lost space specific to long corridors.

The dressing room as a headboard

Some headboards are cleverly designed in the form of a cabinet with niches and storage for baskets and cupboards. Neither seen nor known, your precious clothes are stored in all aesthetics and discretion.