How to install a back-to-back arbor?

How to install a back-to-back arbor?

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An attached arbor is an arbor that comes to rest against the house. Back-to-back arbors can be made of wood or metal. They provide shade and freshness and, in summer, they even represent one more room in the house. Generally placed on the terrace, the attached arbor brings a lot of style to a home. Do you like this arbor? Do you want to acquire one and mount it? Today, the editorial team explains to you how to install your attached arbor.

The choice of the attached arbor

Before mounting, you must choose its attached arbor. The latter must respect the space which will be dedicated to it. So you have to choose the length and the width of the arbor but also the shape of the roof formed by the canvas: straight, rounded or inclined. You must also choose the materials that will make up the structure. Would you like a wooden, aluminum, iron or PVC arbor? Finally, you can choose the color or colors of the canvas.

The mounting of the attached arbor

The first step in assembling a back-to-back arbor is to assemble the structure. Follow the instructions carefully and if possible, get help. The structures being bulky, it is necessary to be 2 to 3 people to assemble a lean-to arbor, especially if the latter is particularly large. Once this step has been completed, the arbor must be fixed to the ground. Place the arbor then proceed to marking. If you fix the arbor on the terrace, pierce the floors and walls with the appropriate material. If the attached arbor is to be installed on unstable ground, install or pour concrete slabs so that each leg is properly fixed. Once these steps are completed, attach the arbor and make sure it is level. Finish by placing and fixing the canvas.

Call a professional

If you are not a handyman or the arbor model that you want to install is atypical, it is recommended to call a professional. This one will advise you on the choice of the arbor, he will deliver it and assemble it. Installation is then guaranteed!

Arrange the attached arbor

Once assembled, your attached arbor must be fitted out. It's up to you how. Whether you want to install a table and chairs, an outdoor lounge or climbing plants, let your imagination run wild and take full advantage of your outdoor space.

Declare work

If you are installing a back-to-back arbor and this project modifies the exterior appearance of your home, you must make a declaration of work at home. If your accommodation is part of a condominium, you must obtain their agreement. If you are a tenant, you must have the agreement of your landlord. If the arbor is more than 20 m², you must apply for a building permit. If in doubt, ask the town planning department of your council for advice. Finally, if you live near a monument, you may need to obtain authorization from the monuments of France; your town hall will inform you about the steps to take.