A mower adapted to the size of my garden

A mower adapted to the size of my garden

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You have a small garden of less than 300m²

If you have a small garden of less than 300m², you do not need to invest in a motor mower. A manual mower, also called an English mower, is sufficient. These mowers adapt perfectly to small terrains provided they are flat. They are intended for people who regularly maintain their land. If the manual mower does not tempt you, you can opt for a small electric mower.

The area of ​​your land is between 300m² and 600m²

If your land has an area between 300m² and 600m², we highly recommend the electric mower. The latter is ideal if you live in a housing estate or a suburban area because it is quiet and non-polluting. Depending on your needs and your budget, you can choose an electric wire or battery mower, traditional or self-propelled. If you choose an electric wire mower, you will need to provide an extension adapted to the size of your land. Pay close attention to this extension when mowing! If you opt for the battery-powered electric mower, be aware that it will have a range of between 30 and 40 minutes, so it is better to have an easy-to-mow garden.

You have a large garden from 600m² to 2000m²

If your land is too large for an electric mower but too small for the riding mower, opt for the gasoline mower. The latter is also called a thermal mower. Gasoline mowers are robust and powerful. Because they are heavy, they are all self-propelled. Having a heat mower requires gasoline and oil. This type of product requires special maintenance, it must indeed be drained very regularly to maximize the life of your device. Before winter, a complete cleaning as well as the oil and petrol change are essential.

Your land is more than 2000m²

If your land is more than 2000m², the ideal mower is the ride-on mower. This is a real little tractor, it is easy to grasp and makes your life easier to maintain your huge lot. For the maintenance of your ride-on mower, if you do not have a good knowledge of mechanics, trust the professionals.

The other options

Do you have sloping land? The air mower is the solution. Because they have no wheels, these mowers are perfect for rough terrain. They are easy to handle because they are self-propelled. Another possibility: robot mowers. They adapt to the size of your land and are perfectly autonomous. However, these mowers are very expensive!