A tree house for children: 5 tips for making it

A tree house for children: 5 tips for making it

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Building a tree house is the dream of many children and let's face it, that of many parents. However, few of you realize this dream and start making this famous cabin. Today we give you all the keys to making a treehouse for children. Don't worry, you will benefit too. With your tools, let's go!

Tip N ° 1: To make your cabin, choose your tree carefully

Choosing the right tree is the basis for building a cabin. Know that to stabilize your construction, you must favor a tree whose trunk has a circumference greater than 150 cm. If your cabin is located between two trees, you must solidify the construction using a metal structure. And if the tree chosen cannot accommodate the entire hut, you will have to install piles on part or all of the construction.

Tip N ° 2: The choice of wood

For your cabin, you will have the choice between different types of wood. Bet on local materials, they will be much cheaper. Make sure of the quality of the wood purchased, which will have a direct impact on the life of your cabin. The construction of your tree house begins with the creation of a floor that will receive the cabin and the possible terrace. You will then have to mount the walls, the roof and various elements such as windows, doors and accesses. It is rare to find tree houses in kit form. However, if you are a little handyman, do not hesitate to buy a wooden cabin and adapt it to the tree that will receive it.

Tip # 3: Protect the cabin

A tree house should be protected. Ensure the stability of the installation by choosing quality fasteners suitable for the weight they have to support. It is rare for treehouses to be sheltered, so consider varnishing or treating the wood. Your construction will be much more durable.

Tip # 4: Secure!

Even if you make a dream come true by building a tree house, it is mainly your toddlers who will benefit. Make sure your construction is secure. To avoid falls, choose guardrails or nets. If you have young children, opt for stairs rather than a ladder. Wood must be sanded and treated to limit the risk of injury.

Tip 5: Be responsible

To provide you with all these tips, we have been able to count on the company Nid Perché, a specialist in the construction of unusual accommodation. Building a tree house must be done with respect for nature. Limit the cutting of branches, adapt to your environment and above all work with craftsmen and local suppliers!