JOY chairs adapt to your desires

JOY chairs adapt to your desires

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4 seats, 4 legs, 12 colors to combine according to your desires for a 100% playful and trendy mix and match… This is the new concept proposed by the Joy by Alinéa range of chairs. No more time to lose: it's up to you to design the furniture designers!

Infinitely customizable chairs

What can go wrong in the mind of a furniture designer when he creates a new object? The answer to this question is wonderfully illustrated by the range of JOY chairs from Alinéa. On the menu ? 4 seats, 4 legs and 12 colors to combine according to your desires and your moods. For a Natural Nordic effect, opt for a white shell with a solid oak base. Unless… What if this turquoise blue seat was made for you? Why not try it with a base tinted with black? Oh and then, go for the upholstered seat covered with multicolored patchwork fabric… The color suits her so well!

A mix and match concept at the heart of the trend!

As you can see, JOY chairs are the perfect opportunity to personalize your furniture via a concept 100% rooted in DIY (Do It Yourself) attitude . No need to be a handyman, furniture designer or interior decorator to superimpose materials, shapes and colors. You just have to let your desires speak to compose the style that suits you. Want to add a touch Bohemian Chic to your dining room? Dare without complex the art of mix and match by playing with your JOY chairs around your table… Now that the elements are assembled and the colors mixed, take a step back, open your eyes and let yourself be enchanted by the Wouah effect ! A mix and match trend that also conquers your kitchen table…

Mix and Me by Alinéa

As happiness never comes alone, JOY chairs are in line with the concept Mix and Me , which helps you to always better personalize your interior. Can't find the furniture of your dreams among the Alinéa collections? Choose your elements in the range to compose Mix and Me, mix, mix and get a unique piece of furniture, just like you. Armchairs to create, sofas to compose, tables to customize, kitchens to personalize, dressing room to be modulated; the concept Mix and Me is available in any room of your interior. Customizing your interior is more than ever child's play ... EnJOY!

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