Dulux Visualizer: the application that allows you to virtually test a painting

Dulux Visualizer: the application that allows you to virtually test a painting

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Launched by the paint manufacturer, Dulux Valentine, the Dulux Visualizer application will make your life easier. Practical, innovative and easy to use, thanks to the principle of augmented reality, the application allows you to visualize the color that will dress your walls, by moving your tablet or smartphone in space. In short, a perfect solution to find THE ideal color before you start!

Choosing the color of your walls: a step worth thinking about

Because choosing the color that will adorn your walls is always a key step in decoration, it is essential to devote time to it so as not to risk regretting your decision. However, a recurring problem occurs with many individuals: a painting, which appeared perfect on the color chart, offers a very different rendering in reality. Indeed, depending on essential criteria, such as natural light or the exposure of your room, a painting will not offer the same result. Today, thanks to the Dulux Visualizer application, you no longer have reason to panic!

Virtually test a color before painting your walls

With the clever augmented reality technology, the Dulux Visualizer application allows you to have a very realistic overview of the rendering of a painting directly on the walls of your room. What facilitate your decision-making process and get started, without stress! You can download the Dulux Visualizer app, free of charge, on the App Store and soon on Google Play.