Are there different types of glue for wallcoverings?

Are there different types of glue for wallcoverings?

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Answer: yes, universal glue, ecological glue, acrylic glue and special glues.

With wallcoverings, glue is most often used for wallpaper or tiling. If you have chosen light wallpaper, using universal glue is the best option. It will fit perfectly. On the other hand, for heavy or thick wallpaper, vinyl glue will undoubtedly be better. There is special glue for non-woven wallpapers or ecological glue for ecological wallpaper. Regarding wall tiles, you will find commercially available acrylic glue dispersion which is perfectly suited to this situation. We cannot mention them all, but there is also glue dedicated to wall paneling, glue suitable for parquet baseboards, glue for cork coverings, etc.