Accessories and furnishings: the essentials for the trendy gardener

Accessories and furnishings: the essentials for the trendy gardener

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Between design decoration and creative leisure, modern ecology and a return to the gestures of the past, a city pastime and the maintenance of a large green space ... gardening also has its trends! Here are which ones for 2014/2015. The garden is an area of ​​consumption like any other: it follows trends, in keeping with the worlds of decoration and fashion. The modern gardener is elegant and trendy even when he has his hands in the ground, and he works daily to make his outdoor space a charming, decorative and trendy place.

Fashionable, fashionable!

To garden, first, exit the old overalls without style, we dress chic and put on colored gloves and a pretty retro-glamor apron at Madame Choup for example. In a completely different style, we put on Tuscan aprons at the Maison Pernoise - concept store. And the outfit would not be complete without matching boots or wet suits ( "For about 4-5 years, pop colors have been very successful in gardening clothes and accessories, explains Alexis Quevilly of Spear & Jackson. Today, we are going even further with patterned ranges, very fashionable" . If nevertheless you are looking for overalls giving style, go to our partner // The tools can be combined with the outfit, the ranges are now very wide: the beautiful tools in stainless steel or carbon steel, with wooden handle and leather links have character, timelessness and durability guaranteed! While other models have various and varied patterns, such as the range British at Spear & Jackson, in the colors of the British flag. Other kits with a very flowery design also exist (to discover at Fleux). So beautiful that you can even buy them as a gift! We now find all the 'pro' tools in a 'small hand tool' version for human-sized gardens and even mini-gardens. It is therefore possible for you to weed, plant, weed, rake easily, without cluttering up. Equip yourself and… highlight your new acquisitions with a tool organizer in your garden shed or in the garage for the decor side! For larger gardens, the essential tool remains the spade, the fork, the leaf rake, the trident and the claw. And some owners who love these beautiful tools even display their stainless steel spades and forks as a patio decoration. Garden centers no longer have the exclusive right to sell accessories, and interior design stores are also now devoting a wide range of choices to them, such as Fleux, Merci or Sabz. Do not hesitate to search before choosing an article!

Gardening, and especially decorating

Colors and patterns are therefore increasingly available in the garden, green and brown no longer have exclusivity. Same idea with the planters and pots of all kinds, as at Botanic, with the Herstera urban vegetable garden in painted galvanized steel, which has met with great success. As for flexible multipurpose containers (for planting, cleaning, transporting potting soil or dead leaves), they are both pretty and practical, and should become essential in the garden; they are found in most garden centers or on specialized online sites (like here). Regarding watering cans, same recommendation: we leave the basic green bottle container and we opt for a beautiful watering can in red or purple zinc, or even for a decorative model like the one signed Davy Grosemans, on sale at Fleux for example in orange, pink, green , white, black or blue ... Besides, watering cans are no longer just used for watering: they can be diverted into flower pots, filled with peonies, branches or hydrangeas. We also like these very original garden hose models: girly, quirky, vitaminized. Both decorative and practical, the other essential accessory in the garden in vegetable or flower beds, are the labels. In slate, zinc, steel, metal, copper, brass, aluminum and even porcelain (at Botanic Editions), they indicate which variety grows here and there. Multiply them, illustrate them as you wish: they can also be used to write poetic messages in the garden! The garden also goes perfectly with the fields of creative leisure, as evidenced by the shelves installed in most garden centers ... give free rein to your creativity to organize it!

Raw charm materials

Define, frame, trace ... the garden has style thanks to the layouts and materials chosen. Among the current trends, we find Corten steel (for walls, fountains or even flower boxes) which pleases with its rusty appearance; woven wicker also (for borders, as support for climbing plants, as stakes or to make bells to protect flowers or young plantations); or gabions, these metal cages to be filled with pebbles (often white, why not a slate version too). What do these products have in common? Their raw and natural side, so popular today. We find this trend of rustic-chic with some containers for flowers and vegetables, such as BacSac, very present in city gardens both for their look and for their practicality.

The resolutely ecological garden

The contemporary gardener gives pride of place to ecology in his green square. First by optimizing it, thanks to vegetable plots for example (read our article Seniors: keep gardening! In which this concept is explained); these can come in different shapes, the basic models measuring 80 x 80 cm or 120 x 120 cm; but there are also three levels, which are more and more popular. To feed the plants and improve the quality of the substrate, the installation of a compost bin or even a vermicompost bin also becomes an essential action for the gardener who respects the earth: solutions which also make it possible to regulate his quantity of waste because worms active in these bins feed on fruit and vegetable peelings (preferably organic), a few eggshells, paper or raw cardboard such as paper towel rolls or egg cartons, or even shears of grass, healthy withered flowers… In addition to these installations, greenhouses and other tunnels, frames and bells are today very popular for decorating the garden, storing its plantings and protecting them from the extreme cold or heating of your interior. There are all sizes, choose glass products, especially for the always ecological and chic side.
And to encourage biodiversity, interest children and continue decorating the space, fall in love with a few nest boxes, insect houses and other refuges for small local animals… As well as for a designer city henhouse. It is no longer a secret, it is an essential installation of the garden in 2014/2015, and "all customers combined take up the game of raising chickens or rabbits, as in the old at our grandparents" , notes Yannick Ferraty at La Ferme de Gally, in the Yvelines. In terms of tools, rather for large spaces, the ecological fork with two handles and four teeth is THE new product in fashion for about 3 years, ideal for aerating the ground. Also note on your list the biofork and the green weed cleaner (at Spear & Jackson), to turn the earth while preserving the microbiological layers and to weed, hoe, remove the foam in a single gesture: versatile and comfortable tools usage, which have been very successful over the past year.

The pleasure garden, of course!

Once landscaped and maintained, your garden is of course the perfect place for relaxation, celebration and fun! This is to recreate the decorative atmosphere of your outdoor version living room, with a large special outdoor sofa, a coffee table and even outdoor fabrics (cushions, carpets, etc.). The adapted lighting is solar and design preferably. We love this novelty signed Maiori but there are so many pleasant models! Moreover, the hanging of a chandelier in the branches of a large tree in the garden, above a dining table, is very chic at present for receptions or for Sunday brunch. Finally, don't forget two other essentials: the hammock and ... the brazier - this is the new trend that is gradually replacing the traditional barbecue or plancha!
Thanks : - Yannick Ferraty, garden center manager at Ferme de Gally in Bailly, - Alexis Quevilly, sales and marketing director at Spear & Jackson.