Gluttony is not a bad thing in decoration!

Gluttony is not a bad thing in decoration!

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Notice to lovers of sweet little treats! The editorial staff decided to make you salivate with pleasure by concocting a selection of sweet and colorful patterns. Let yourself be inspired, without taking a gram, and succumb to a gourmet decor as you wish!

Ice cream cone and beanbag are one

Let's start our gourmet decor selection with this fun, original and offbeat ottoman! Ideal to add pep to your interior, we adopt it without further delay.
Photo credit: Woouf

Gourmet cupcake on the wallpaper

On the wall, we proudly display our culinary favorite of the moment: the cupcake! Girly and fun at will, this strip of wallpaper will easily integrate into a vintage or industrial style kitchen.
Photo credit: Atylia

Macaroons, nuns and donuts dress the walls

Another option to decorate walls with greed? Stickers with the image of our favorite desserts: nuns, donuts and macaroons (among others). As comfortable in a kitchen as in a dining room, these stickers will bring a touch of color and will make your guests salivate, at dessert time.

Photo credit: Domestic

Piece of chocolate cake for wise little girl

In the bedroom for your little ones too, the trend is for decorative delicacies. Nice example with this pouffe similar to a nice piece of chocolate cake, covered with colored nuggets. We would crunch a little bit!
Photo credit: Woouf