Fireplace: which material to choose?

Fireplace: which material to choose?

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Choosing a fireplace should not be done lightly. In terms of quality, price or even aesthetics, the possibilities are numerous. It is important to compare these different criteria so that your living room best looks like what you dream of. Find more articles on the theme: Quote heating works

Natural materials

Marble and stone are the most traditional materials. They are associated with luxury and solidity and are sometimes associated. Noble, marble is an expensive material. There are many colors, so it is able to adapt to each type of interior and will undoubtedly give character to your home. It is also easy to maintain. The stone retains heat very well. In the past, it was found a lot in modest homes, and it is now a real charming asset! Sandstone, granite or limestone, the choice of the type of stone is up to you. It is also possible to find old wooden fireplaces at antique dealers. To install a new chimney, call on a craftsman. The wood simply serves as formwork to give a warm air and masonry is necessary around the fireplace.


Stainless steel is very fashionable and appreciated for its flexibility. Indeed, it is possible to choose the desired shape, from the most classic to the most extravagant. As a result, it is used more and more for covering the duct. It is very resistant to high temperatures. Cast iron, on the other hand, retains and restores heat very well, just like cellular concrete. The latter, like stainless steel, is very popular because it allows many original shapes. In order to increase the yield, cast iron is commonly used in fireplaces. Cast iron and stainless steel are very durable over time and resist corrosion very well.

Ceramics and plaster

To dress the mantel of your fireplace, you can choose tiling or earthenware. Inexpensive, easy to maintain and simple to install, they are also easy to replace if you want to change the appearance of your fireplace. However, ceramics do not adapt to all interiors and you have to really love this material to appreciate it at home. Plaster is also inexpensive and ideal for dressing. However, be sure to choose a plaster that resists high temperatures. Be aware that in all cases, the most prudent is to contact a professional. He will be able to advise you best in decoration but also in quality.