Tutorial: the spiral bulb vase

Tutorial: the spiral bulb vase

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A light bulb has just burned out at your place? Turn it into a vase! It's simple and smart thanks to the DIY from BricoyDeco.


You will need: - A spiral bulb - A glass yogurt port - wood glue - a brush (for finishing) - a glue gun - decoration (ribbon, string, rubber ...) to decorate the connection between the yogurt pot and the bulb.


1. Mix the wood glue with the acrylic paint, and stir until you have a smooth texture.
2. Apply two layers of this mixture on your ampoule and your yogurt pots (allow to dry well between two layers). 3. Then apply a simple coat of acrylic paint on the two parts. 4. Weight your yogurt pot (for example with sand). 5. Stick the bulb to your yogurt pot using the glue gun. 6. Decorate your vase with anything you want (here we used silver elastic bands).


And There you go ! An original and creative vase while recovering! And if you still feel creative energy, you can decorate it with paper flowers.
Thanks toBrico y Deco for its creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your personalized vases on our Facebook page, and find other ideas on our Pinterest!


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