On networks: five Pinterest boards to follow for a successful garden party

On networks: five Pinterest boards to follow for a successful garden party

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With these long summer evenings, we look forward to the end of the day to fully enjoy the garden. A few friends, family and good food, it doesn't take more to be happy! What if we did even better? What if we created garden parties that are so cool that we will remember them all winter? We have found for you 5 Pinterest boards teeming with ideas for dining out. The hardest part will be to return.

Outdoor Dining by Vivet Desabah

Over 400 pins dedicated to the art of outdoor reception. Many of them offer tables with a view of the sea and feet on the sand. Enough to give a taste of the holidays for those who have not yet left. Outdoor Dining table from Pinterest Vivet Desabah account.

Tables by A Daily Something

A country spirit reigns on this table of more than 700 pins. We stroll from country to country, straw hat in hand and peace of mind. Table Tables from the Pinterest account A Daily Something.

Vegetable Garden Party by Christine Guillot

Flowers are honored in this all-vegetable painting. Nearly 400 pins on beautifully flowered tables with dominant pink and purple tones. There are even cooking recipes to accompany it. Vegetable Garden Party painting by Christine Guillot.

Caroline Laurent's Garden Party

This web designer has selected nearly 200 pins, all of which share the picnic spirit. There is color and chic and inexpensive ideas to take back in DIY mode. Garden Party table from Caroline Laurent Pinterest account.

Pretty tables from Bleekcup's

A table specializing in large family celebration tables. Very inspiring for all those who are lucky enough to organize their wedding or any other family event outside. Table Pretty Tables from Bleekcup's Pinterest account.
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