How to dismantle a mixer tap?

How to dismantle a mixer tap?

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Disassembling a mixer tap is a simple manipulation, a small plumbing operation requiring no particular technical knowledge and within the reach of any handyman, even inexperienced. A leaky faucet may only require a change of seal, if this is not enough or if the faucet drips, the cartridge will need to be replaced. Find more articles on the theme: Plumbing works quotes

1 - Tips before you start

The cartridge is the element allowing the proper functioning of the water mixing system. Inserted in the mixer, it generally has 3 ways, a hot water inlet, a cold water inlet and a mixed water outlet thanks to the movement of one ceramic disc on another. Before handling, first cut off the water and open the tap to empty the water contained in the pipes. Remember to bring the right replacement cartridge. Some taps of specific brand (Porcher, Jacob Delafon, Idéal Standard…) require cartridges in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations. If most of the faucets coming from the general public signs are standard, it is preferable to buy the spare cartridge after having disassembled the old one to make sure of the exact model.

2 - Disassembly of the tap

- Step 1: remove the tap handle to access the removal screw. On the handle of the mixing valve (at the front or sometimes below) you will find a blue or red patch covering the disassembly screw. Remove this pad with a cutter or a flat screwdriver and remove the screw to be able to remove the handle. On other models the disassembly screw is hidden under the decorative cap of the handle. Just remove the plug by lifting it up with a flat screwdriver and loosen the screw with a suitable screwdriver. - Step 2: remove the handle to access the cartridge. - Step 3: remove the cartridge from the mixer. With the lever removed, you will unscrew the cartridge cover (curved element) anticlockwise, using a pair of pliers surrounded by a cloth so as not to damage the cover. Take the opportunity to immerse the assembly (joystick head and cartridge cover) in white vinegar which will remove all traces of lime. Rinse well.

3 - Replace the cartridge

- Insert the cartridge into the body of the valve. - Ensure the correct positioning of the seals, check their condition and replace them if necessary. - Add a little special grease for the taps to facilitate installation. - Tighten the nut used to hold the cartridge and the cover. - Reassemble the lever. - You can then open the water supply. - Unscrew the small grid (aerator) at the end of the tap and run the water to drain the excess fat. It is advisable to clean the aerator by soaking it for a few minutes in alcohol vinegar.